--About material, formal and institutional METARCHISM and THE UNIQUE INTERNATIONAL REPUBLIC--

Article I  --  About the LEGITIMITY of the law.

    It is understood as normal legitimity that which exercises the correct proceeding of the state organisms respect to all of the stablished procedures in the legal system. It is understood as material legitimity that which consensually is created by the people. The requisites from a legal norm to accomplish being considered legitimate include: validity, justice and effectiveness. A norm is understood as legitimate when is obeyed without the mediation of the resource of the monopoly of the law and is considered ilegitimate in the opposite case.

Article II  --  About the VALIDITY of the law.

    It is considered of validity any argument by whose premise implies conclusion and is considered out of validity or invalid any law by which the premise is not accomplished.

Article III  --  About the JUSTICE of the law.

    It is considered just any norm that the population considerates unanimously or mostly that it abaids to the colective objectives from that same society, and unfair if the contrary occurs, with independence of it is considered or not of validity.

Article IV  --  About the EFFECTIVENESS of the law.

    It is considered effective any norm if the population accomplishes it, with independence of if it is percibed as just or valid, and ineffective if it is widely disobeyed.

Article V  --  About the NATURAL RIGHT.

    It is considered natural right to the existence of universal rules or inalienable rights of the living and innate from it's own existence, incluided those liberties, faculties, institutions or reivindications relative to primary or basic goods that include every living being, by the simple fact of it's vital condition, for the waranty of a worthy living, without any distinction of species, etnies, race, gender, language, religion, origin, orientation, opinion, cultural origin, economics, national or social, position, birth or of any other nature or another condition.

Article VI  --  About the ANARCHISM.

    It is defined as ANARCHISM the politic and social philosophy that calls to the disolution and abolition of the state, understood as government and, by extension, of every authority, hierarchy or social control that is imposed to the individual, by being considered undesirable, unnecesary and harmful.


    It is defined as INSTITUCIONAL ANARCHISM the anarchist philosophy of legitimate character, valid, fair and effective, understood as every legal action that mediates the apliance of the anarchism as politic philosophy.

Article VIII  --  About THE INSTITUCIONAL ANARCHIST REPUBLIC and the ilegitimity of the state.

    The institutional anarchism declares the state and the goverment institutions of impossed nature as ilegitimate, as well as invalid, unfair and ineffective institutions due to it's direct consecuences as social, economical, political sovereign and coercitive organizations, formed by a set of non voluntary institutions, that have the power of regulate national living within a determined territory but whose premise does not attend to the colective objetives, it is manifiested as widely disobeyed and does not sustain validity of argumentation.

    Due to the ilegitimity, invalidity, injustice and ineffectiveness of the state and government institutions, it is created voluntarily and without any imposition a UNIQUE INSTITUTIONAL ANARCHIST REPUBLIC of natural, human, worldwide and universal caracter, making enphasis in the sovereing of natural rights, human rights and giving support to the state constitutional right, with nulity character for those imposed laws that does not present themselves as legitimate, valid, justs and/or effective. The institucional anarchism sustains the standards of behavior, the take of decissions and the individual and/or colective action be created and made accomplished consensual between the parties, through out free contracts and voluntary pacts.

Article IX  --  About THE METARCHISM, it's definition and legitimate aplication.

    It is defined as METARCHISM the metapolitic doctrine that trascendes territorial fights and state conflicts, by consider them greatly counterproductive, unhealthy into short, half and long run, be it in function of it's consecuences as in function of it's causes, as such as a waste of energetic, human, economical and natural resources, as well as biotic and abiotic, renewable and not renewable, proposing it's termination and inmediate dissolution.


    Due the legitimity, validity, justice and effectiveness of the anarchist institutional republic, and starting from the definition and application of the metarchism as an injunction that mediates it's implementation, it is created voluntarily and without any imposition a UNIQUE INTERNATIONAL REPUBLIC, free from frontier lines and political lineages that mark territorial division in between it's inhabitants, mediating peace in between it's costumes and cultures, manifesting unity and unification in between the nations below one international law of established constitutional right, with aceptance of legitimity, validity, justice and effectiveness to those treatises of law and common agreements that manifiest it naturally, and with nulity character to those that manifest the opposite, in accordance with the dispositions within the previous and postume articles of THE INTERNATIONAL TREATISE OF RIGHT.


    Being manifest the creation of the unique international republic, it's defined as INTERNATIONAL TREATISE a written accordance in between determined subjects of international right that is found to be ruled by this, that may account on one or more connected legal instruments, with indiference of denomination; defining next this present document as THE INTERNATIONAL TREATISE OF RIGHT by own denomination, making reference to the common agreement of internacional peace and the territorial unification and frontier disolution exposed in it's definition ius cogens.

UIR -- 20160308